Carla Marcelino

  • SAAR Marketing On Demand, Head of business
  • Orlando
  • Marketing and Advertising

About Me

I believe that challenges and changes are crucial for the growth and development of any person and professional. Thus, I help companies and professionals to structure business areas, focusing on change management, process creation, and demystification of pre-established and immutable concepts. And of course, all this with important financial results for the companies, with the insertion of significant values to the revenue line. The most important thing for me? To accomplish these actions through real and true purposes that could represent great results in meanings and concepts for all stakeholders involved. The goal is not "to do", but how to do and how to represent the change that many people think of doing but don't have the courage to do so. Professional with over 17 years' experience in marketing: branding, planning, trade marketing and sales for different markets (retail, construction retail, food retail and startup). Specialist in creating and developing new areas, new departments through innovation processes.