Emi Shitara

  • Harvard Business School Online Tokyo Chapter, Co-Founder & Organizer
  • Tokyo
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About Me

As a featured Harvard Business School Online Official Community Organizer by Harvard Business School, Leading Asia and Global Harvard Business School Online Communities since its initial global chapters officially launched in 2018, as a co-founders, based in Tokyo. Since then, leading the community and the events from scratch to now. | https://online.hbs.edu/more-info/community | Executive/Personal Coach | Global Mentor | Government registered IT consultant | Event Curator | Global Speaker | Aikido Performer | National Qualified Japanese Language, Cultural Teacher | PR Consultant | Experienced Catalyst | HBS Online Community Challenge 2020 Global Chapter Finalist Project team leader | Having about 20 year experiences of global cultural exchanges, including professional experience of management of Japan marketing communication in a global nasdaq listed nanotechnology company. Unique leader who make a difference from scratch to make values to the society based in Tokyo to global, including SDGs, Women Empowerment, etc. HBS Online Courses Completed: -Leading with Finance (2016 first official cohort)
 -Negotiation Mastery (2017), -Sustainable Business Strategy (2018, first official cohort) Other learning experiences: Shanghai, Germany, France, Singapore. etc. Languages: English, Japanese, some Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc.