Emi Shitara

  • HBS Online Tokyo Chapter, Organizer
  • Tokyo
  • Public Relations and Communications

About Me

Having about 20 year experiences of global cultural exchanges, unique leader who make a difference from scratch to make values to the society based in Tokyo to global. My strength is global communication,as professional with more than 10 years including in global technology leading companies, catalyst, advisor for innovation, ex. US Embassy Tokyo, Education - collaborate with University of Tokyo; Leading social innovation towards UN Earth Summit Rio+20 2012; Organized a design exhibition in Tokyo and made influence the word of "Change the future" as a trendy word till now in Japan, by collaborate with ministry, foundation, Fortune Global 500 companies, such as Toyota, Honda, etc.and leading media, ex. Nikkei. Working with/for Fortune Global 500 companies, such as Toyota, Honda, Volvo Group; Connect about 1,000 leaders, such as government, ministries, academic, NGO/NPO, artist. media/journalists. Research cooperation to Japan National Mission about SDGs and dispatched to UN NY HQ. Participated in Harvard Social Enterprise Conference in 2014@Boston and visited the campus. Start-up support connect with US-Japan: Support finding a business partner for west coast entrepreneur, Stanford graduate, and made a successful launch in Japan. Support Harvard Kennedy School Japan Trip 2012. Honor/Selection: -Nitobe Leadership fellow or global young leaders community, by International House of Japan, which UN leaders support. -JSIE, Japan Institute for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, first launch selection supported by US Embassy Tokyo, etc. -GIS fellow, by a winner of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, Japan. Public Speaking as a panelist: - UN Forum@University of Tokyo, - Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo, WIN, etc. - WIN Global Conference 2012 in Rome, Aikido performer. Media coverage/interview: AP, Local media, etc. HBX Completed: -Leading with Finance (2016 first official cohort)
 -Negotiation Mastery (2017), -Sustainable Business Strategy (2018, first official cohort) Other learning experiences: Shanghai, Germany, France, Singapore. etc. Languages: English, Japanese, some Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc. I have a qualification of Japanese teaching. What I love: Creativity, Music, Travel, Musical, Aikido, Yoga, Movie, Beauty etc. I'm the first year of generation "Millennials".