Gwen Mdinaradze

About Me

Gwen Mdinaradze is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Speakers Alliance Canada. After obtaining Management Essentials Certificate at Harvard Business School Online and Contract Law at Harvard University, Gwen started her entrepreneurial career and has been successful in establishing successful relationships among speakers, consultants, clients and collaborative partners, worldwide. Speakers Alliance Canada is a Consulting and Speaking firm. The company represents selected World-Class Speakers and Business Consultants Gwen is a Management Consultant and runs her own practice. She has been consulting a broad spectrum of organizations on Change Management, Team Management and Psychological Safety. She is a Registered Practitioner at the Canadian Human Resources Professional Association. She also provides Marketing Services exclusively for professional speakers and academics. Gwen has established a Certification program and has been successful in leading interactive and engaging lectures. Many business professionals, Ivy League Academics and Professional Speakers have become Certified Virtual Facilitators through this program. Gwen strongly believes that knowledge sharing is crucial in achieving success. The company’s success is determined by strong and trusted relationships among the Speakers, Consultants and clients. Speakers Alliance Canada's slogan is Sharing Knowledge To Succeed!

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