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Looking to build your network or simply connect with like-minded people who are passionate about business? Join your local chapter to start connecting with participants in your area. 

...Ok, the closest chapter to me is in another country! What do I do?

Join the Community chapter that is closest to you! There are more than 25,000 past participants in more than 150 countries around the world, but the Community platform is just getting started. The current chapters are designed to serve as regional hubs for you to find other community members. Use the chapter nearest to you to connect with people in your general area. You can even use your closest chapter to organize an event in your city! 



Attend local meetups. Communicate with Community members in your area. Connect with your chapter's organizers to help organize or host an event. 


Membership Expectations


Bring A Friend!

Chapters are open to all passionate business learners. Bring a coworker or industry friend along — the more the merrier!


Planning to attend an event? Great. RSVP through the platform to ensure your attendance is counted and check your email for communication from your community organizer.

No Profit!

Community events are open to all and are not profit-generating. Share ideas, meet new friends, and learn - that's what the Community is all about.

No Sales Pitches

The Community is a great place to share ideas, meet new friends, and discuss career opportunities. Community events are not an appropriate venue to pitch your product or company.

On the Platform

All Community events should be organized through the Community platform. While you may be tempted to organize offline, the community tool helps you increase your reach and meet new members!


While anyone is welcome to join the Community, Community Organizers must have successfully completed at least one course.



Start a New Chapter

Community Organizers are the heartbeat of the Community. As the Community continues to grow, we will be considering new chapters in cities around the world. Interested in being a community organizer and building the Community to your area? Complete this form and we will be in touch if there are opportunities for a new chapter in your city. (Please note that once we have significant interest in forming a new chapter, participants interested in serving as Community Organizers will be asked for additional information).

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