Tokyo virtual meeting for "Sustainable Business Strategy"

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Dear members, 

On September 15, 9:00-9:30am (JST), a meeting will be held for HBS Online members, who will attend the webinars which are invited by HBS Club of Japan in previous time, 8:00-9:00am (JST) at the same day:

After the webinar of HBS Club of Japan, we HBS Online Tokyo chapter will hold this meeting.

It's free discussion, networking, sharing the update each other, among all the topic related to the webinar.

Especially we welcome members who has completed HBS Online Sustainable Business Strategy, based around Tokyo area to discuss our future plan and share the update each other, since it's a small world to take any initiative or leadership, entrepreneurship in Tokyo area about sustainable business and actions.

For those who has completed HBS Online Sustainable Business Strategy and will take some actions or considering, please come to join us or feel free to contact us with your interest, if you are not be available on the day. Thanks.

*Please turn on your camera and your microphone to join the interactive virtual event.

All, to join the event, please kindly follow the guidelines related to the community event:

Community Guideline:

Our policies on HBS Online’s Community Values:

And the Mission, for your reference:

* Event will be recorded.

All the best,

Harvard Business School Online Tokyo Chapter

*This event is not sponsored or endorsed by Harvard Business School.

All Chapter Organizers, Team Members, and participants are acting as volunteers and are not, in any form, employees of HBS.


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