Rum Tour in Berlin

Our first local micro-meetup in Berlin was a delightful success!

Our Berlin Team Member, Diego, and I enjoyed an entertaining and educational evening with Giovanni and Vladimir. We have Diego to thank for recommending Bar Wagemut ("boldness" or "courage"), where we explored the surprisingly diverse tastes, aromas and history of the Carribean islands, from Jamaica to St. Lucia. We were fortunate to have an impressively capable guide, Jan, who shared his pronounced passion and remarkably detailed knowledge of rum with us.

Left to right: Andreas von Sachsen-Altenburg, Diego Terceros, Jan, Giovanni Serritelli, Vladimir Gukunski

If you are more of a whisk(e)y (wo)man or want to learn about and experience the significance of the (e), this warm and comfortable bar offers walls filled with hundreds of respectable brands from all over the world and a menu of delicious and intricate cocktails, which we tasted to activate our taste buds. 

In addition to rum, the evening was filled with laughter as we learned about each other. For example, Diego is currently adapting his Contech (construction technology) company's pitch deck to fit German/European investors (share your advice here). Giovanni shared an international perspective on the cultural subtleties of Finland. Vladimir and Giovanni shared their experiences learning from breathing master Wim Hof. Of course, our 4-hour adventure was filled with much more.

If you are in or traveling through Berlin and you want to meet, write us an Email, contact me via LinkedIn or drop a post in our LinkedIn Group