Mexico City Chapter: Our scope is global and our approach Mexican.....

Professional Mexican photographer Daniel Hernández Flores contributed the photo for the HBS Online community.

Amidst the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico, not everything is bad news: the Mexico City Chapter kick-off successfully took place on June 6, 2020 and a series of ideas surged from a rich discussion.

A group of Mexican HBS Online participants got to know each other for the first time and a number of goals were set: we are not only engendering a community that allows business-minded professionals to connect, but also generating value throughout our knowledge and through experience.
Our scope will be global and our approach Mexican…..

But don’t get this wrong. Although Mexicans are known for their food, humor, art and alcohol, that won’t be the only thing that you will be getting out from this Community. In fact, our vision is to show the esoteric side of the Mexican: the one that results from ambition, a sanguine perspective, tenacious learning and lots of hard work.

Our Community should supposedly be small, by nature, as just a few Mexicans actually finish and obtain passing grades in their HBS Online programs. That being said, our scope is global and participants from other geographies will have an opportunity to grasp of important connections in Mexico.

In the Chapter kick off session, some members of the Community had the opportunity to talk about themselves and about their passions:

 - Alfonso Sánchez is an investment professional with experience in project management that develops real estate investment portfolios. He stays ahead of the market’s demand shifts, through the incorporation of proptech and big data analytics, allowing his portfolios to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. He would, any day, enjoy playing a round of golf with Community members.
 - Carlos Gómez is passionate about solving complex problems using technology. As the cofounder of a SaaS company (, he has focused on the startup’s expansion to LATAM. He defines himself as someone constantly changing: discovering the new flavors in life and constantly learning from his mistakes.
 - Edgar Adel Ortiz focuses on the implementation and execution of transformative analytics projects across different industries. Through the development and analysis of comprehensive data warehouses, he allows companies manipulate large amounts of data, predict client behavior (scoring), develop market intelligence and implement visualizations and dashboards. Its impact entails the understanding of data to better serve the needs of people and companies.
 - Germán González is a multi-industry entrepreneur that owns businesses in the areas of food and beverages, marketing, raw materials, fuels and chemicals. He focuses on growing businesses and on innovating, always seeking new strategies to build professional businesses and ties.
 - Jorge Rodriguez provides and develops tools, knowledge, and the collective experience that people need to become multidisciplinary professionals, allowing them to collaterally reach their business goals just by exclusively focusing on their development. It wasn't until he learned the concept of "Disruptive Strategy" while studying a master's degree in innovation that he realized that work and life could be understood through the same lenses: innovation defines a constant seek of adding value to either processes or people.
 - Omar Ferreira serves the needs of a family business that was founded in 1935. As the CFO of the corn milling and tortilla production company, he leverages his past experience in finance –real estate private capital, focused on fundraising and investment opportunities- to create innovative strategies against the strive growth resulting from fierce competition, an evolving marketplace, and the COVID-19 new paradigm.

As diversity of knowledge and talent is evident in our Community, we encourage more members to join our Chapter. We have some interesting events coming this year and we are looking forward to grow our Community and to keep generating impact.

So, what are you waiting? We are eager for meeting you all!