ConneXt Live!

On Friday, May 11th 2018, past participants of HBX online programs came together both on- and off-line for a day of learning, conversation, and community-building. Streaming from the HBX Live virtual classroom in Boston were faculty case discussions led by Professors Bharat Anand, Forest Reinhardt, Joshua Margolis, and V.G. Narayanan. Topics of discussion ranged from digital platforms and social movements to energy policy, leadership, and values.

Also contributing to the day were professors Ethan Bernstein, Alison Wood Brooks, and Mike Wheeler in the FB Live studio, along with Harvard Business School career coach Kirstin Lynde, HBX Executive Director Patrick Mullane and VP of Product Management at Burning Glass, Elizabeth Tan Levy.

A huge thanks to all past participants who joined us in the HBX Live studio and to all other viewers who tuned in on Facebook.